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A Little Less Wise

One thing on my yearly to do list that I have been avoiding with all my being is getting my wisdom teeth removed. The day has finally come! I about nearly had an anxiety attack just scheduling the appointment. Yes it did feel silly, but anxiety doesn't give two toots if it was silly or not. Bloody holes in your mouth are never good, but my jumbo tooth is getting out of control. Ok I'm not sure if it is jumbo but it feels jumbo in my mouth if that makes sense?

You're probably thinking, but Remi you have 4 wisdom teeth! You'd be wrong! A couple years ago I got one removed. Why only one you might be thinking. Because I was too poor to get them all removed at the time. Our healthcare system is broken, but whatever. So now the remaining 3 are meeting their fate! This time around I choose to get sedated. Which is scaring me more then the bloody holes to be honest. But removing the one gave me an overwhelming feeling of being suffocated so I thought if I could sleep though it that would be best. Anyways, thanks for reading my anxiety rambles. Wish me luck!


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