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Collage Sheet!

I had a little bit of my collage stash that was just too good to only use once, so I scanned a bunch in and made a collage sheet! I also filled in some blank spots with plant images from the Biodiversity Heritage Library. I ended up with the really cool sheet of papery bits!

I sent this out as a little freebie for my Peachy Keen Club email list, but if you're interested in a copy I can send you one! I've been trying to do lots a few freebies in between club projects. If you want to join the club you can find it HERE! I was able to use this little sheet in so many ways! I first created these cards. I like how they have a winter foraging vibe to them! I also used some of these images to make tags and in some journal spreads.

I'm thinking I want to make one that is more wintery/solstice if I can find the time. I have so many projects going right now. It is wonderfully chaotic and is definitely how I am surviving the state of the world and my life! I am a firm believer that art is therapy and can heal the world, so create I must! Can't wait to show you what else I've been working on.


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