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Current Reads!

I have gotten a bit behind on sharing the books I have been reading! The beginning of the year it started off a bit rocky. I got behind on my goal of two books a month. BUT thanks to quarantine I got caught up and have been drowning myself in fantastical tales. Which leads to me this series of books that I really enjoyed. The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden. Now its been many years since I have really gotten into fantasy books (like middle school days!) This series seemed like just the thing I needed this spring. These books are filled with magic, bravery and Russian folk tales. This story follows a Russian girl during medieval times that has a gift of sight and can see magical beings. This is a great story about defying the odds and embracing the gifts that are given to you, even if they do get you outcasted. She is so brave and clever! I really fell in love with these characters. I appreciate how intertwined all of their stories became. It made the story feel very complete!

If you're into fantasy books with magic, folk tales, a little bit of history and strong females then I HIGHLY recommend this book!


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