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Current Reads!

I recently finished the book Hungry Hearts! This book is a bunch of short coming of age stories that all revolve around food, love and a little bit of magic. I enjoyed this book so much. I'm usually not a fan of short stories because I'm always left with the feeling of wanting to know more. Most of these stories were light and insightful. Although some of them fell a little short but as a whole it was a joy to read. Food holds such a special place of comfort and nostalgia so I found myself being warmed up by this book. This book taught me that food is magic and also I enjoy short stories and should read them more.

Since returning back to work my reading has slowed down quite a bit. Luckily the since using the Libby application my books expire if I don't read them fast enough. My accountability is definitely being kept in check! I'm still on track to complete my 2020 reading goal! Woo Hoo! What have you been reading lately?


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