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Current Reads!

On my last current reads post I talked about a series of books by Sarah J Maas. Well I loved them so much I decided to pick up another of her series. This one is about assassins! So far I have only read the first two, The Assassins Blade and The Throne of Glass. I think the first one is really like 3 mini stories. I really enjoyed these first two books. This series is about a young female assassin that is raised in an assassins guild. As she grows and learns about the world and the guild she starts to question more and more. The main character, Celaena Sardothien is VERY similar to the main character in the Court of Rose and Thorns series, but its a character that I really enjoy so I don't mind that much. All of her books have a slow start but then unravel fairly quickly. For some reason this makes me read them super fast. I wasn't super thrilled about how the subject of grief is handled, being an assassin and all death is a theme. BUT I really like the way she crafts witty, strong females. Maybe in the other books she tackles grief a bit more instead of the characters just ignoring it. I plan on reading the rest of the series, so hopefully it doesn't disappoint!


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