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Current Reads: Sarah J. Maas

Current reads! I just finished this series by Sarah J Maas. I absolutely loved these books. (As much as I don't like to admit it.) I'm actually really excited for the next book to be released! All of these books are really fast reads and keeps you on your toes the whole time, which makes it feel even faster. Something about this year has gotten me sucked into fantasy books. I'm having a hard time summing up this series because it changes a lot from book to book. I'm going to try my best! These books follow a character named Fayre. She gets herself into all kinds of trouble but leads with compassion for others which always seems to come back around and help her out. These books have a lot of magic, some darkness and (of course) some romance! I do love rom-com books the most after all!

I really like how all the stories intertwined and built on itself. Character descriptions are amazing! Theres lots of steamy love bits that I didn't care for too much, but equals itself out with monsters and fighting. If you like books about strong fearless females, fantasy and love stories then these are for you! I really like how easy this author seems to captivate me. I've already started on the other series that she has written. It falls into a bit of the samey-same as this series, but I loved it so I don't care all that much. I'm going to keep reading!


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