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Current Reads: The Broken Earth Trilogy

I just finished reading The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. Yet another series that I'm conflicted with! I'm not sure why but I had the hardest time getting though these books. I don't usually consider myself a slow reader, but it felt like it took me ages! Because they left on a cliff hanger I felt like I had to keep reading. Although now that I'm finished I think I would have been ok just putting them down and moving on. BUT I also don't regret reading them all, the ending was actually quite satisfying. The style that these books are written in is quite interesting, which I liked. A lot of the characters change names which confused me greatly, but did show how characters were changing so I get it, but still. I normally love post apocalyptic stories and this one brought up so many questions about class and race. So maybe with the current climate of the world this isn't the best choice for someone as sensitive as me. My favorite part is the perspective on motherhood. Getting the see the main character transform from childhood, to motherhood then seeing her own daughters perspective and the parallels with her childhood was really great. Overall maybe I just wasn't smart enough to fully appreciate this series. I think I enjoy a bit of light reading more than super intense reads. I have a hard time recommending it, but for the certain audience this book would be amazing.


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