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DIY Mini Zine!

For July's e-newsletter I made a mini DIY zine! I created this so you could print a blank one and fill it out yourself! It also comes with an example one filled out. (which you can peep below!) I really wanted to make something that gave people a better idea, direction and tutorial on how to make a more traditional zine, but tiny! When you download this it comes with instructions on how to assemble. You don't need any special tools, just a printer! I'm really pleased with how this tiny zine turned out. I can't wait to hear what my subscribers think!

If you'd like to get your mitts on this tiny zine you can sign up for my monthly email newsletter HERE! Or at the bottom of the page! I send out my email newsletter every month on the 5th! So there's still time! (psssst....if you're reading this past the 5th every newsletter gives you access to the folder that has the past downloads in it so don't fret!) Below is a little flip through I did so you can see how tiny it really is! So small!


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