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Drawing Practice!

After inktober/peachtober was over I missed doing spontaneous doodles, so I created my own drawing practice! I have been sharing the results over on my instagram. I wrote a bunch of random words on tiny slips of paper and put them in my peach sculpture! Then when I sit down to practice I just pull out a prompt! I don't do any sketching and no erasing allowed. This is really fun to do before I start working on other projects, just to get into a good mindset! Its also a fun distraction when I'm getting frustrated with a project.

I'm sure some of the words that I included aren't any good and will need to be replaced. Coming up with the list was kinda tricky! I ended up using a random word generator for half of the list. I think if I come up with words that are really fun I'll toss them back in! What do you do to get into a creative headspace?


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