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Fathers Day Gifty Project

Now that Fathers Day weekend is passed I can share the homemade gift I've been working on. Music is the one thing that ties my family together so for most holidays my go to gift is a mix cd. Nowadays everything is streamed and I don't even have a cd player. I still wanted to make a mix for my dad so I made this little flash drive instead! I coated the outside in paper clay (something like this!) Then carved out all the little tape details when it was still wet. Now my sculpting skills are a bit rough and I didn't have an actual tape in front of me to compare so its a little bit clunky. Since this was just a gifty I didn't mind it looking homemade! After letting it dry I painted it with acrylic paint and lastly coated it in some Modpodge Hard Coat. I then used my ipad to created a tiny fold out playlist. He's getting old and I probably should have included a magnifying glass with it, or ya know made it bigger. But I just loved the daintiness of this small little box of treasure! I made a playlist called "My Old Man" you can peep it HERE! My twin sister also made a mix, since we had so much room on the flash drive! Also I did a quick little unboxing video below!

I had such a wonderful Sunday. It feels like ages since I have gathered with family. We all did our best to keep our distance, but even getting to be in the same backyard for a bit was lovely. I'm so grateful for all the music knowledge and love my family has given me!


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