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Messy Star Mail Art!

In attempts to keep up on my correspondence this month, I made a batch of artful envelopes! I am juggling so many projects I am not getting to my responses as quick and I would like. I think its mostly cause I'm fiddly about what kinda of envelope decoration I put on it. SO I decided to do a batch instead! Now all I need to do is write the letters.

I made these with regular ol' white envelopes that I swiped from work. I did a first layer of stenciled acrylic paint. I then added some watercolor drippys (this is what made it look messy, but kinda cool?) When it was damp from the water color I added some stamps that softened from the wetness. Finally to top it all off and have a good place for the address I added a few paper bits, drew and cut some stars and slapped a label on to it! These were really relaxing to make and I like the way they turned out. I'm not sure why but all my stuff has a very warm color palette lately. Maybe its just a phase? Next month is more spooky so maybe a cooler palette will feel more appropriate!


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