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Mushroom Sculptures!

A little while ago I made a small zine called Mushroom Friend. (Which you can find HERE!) I loved it so much that I decided to turn the main character into a little sculpture! I made the first one and its head was a bit too tall so I re-did it and made it a bit shorter. I finished both of them because they were too cute not too! Sculpting isn't my strongest skill, but these turned out so good!

I made these to sell on my Etsy but found I had a hard time parting with them. Then I realized that I needed some funds to buy some block printing supplies so decided to toss them up anyways! Hopefully they can both find loving homes! They even come with their own ultra tiny zine! Anyways, I only have 2 of these so if you're thinking about adopting one, don't wait too long! You can find my shop HERE!


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