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New Art Work!

One of the goals I had set out for myself this year was to hone in on my mixed media illustration skills. I have been putting this off for months but have finally finished something! I've got a little bit of a bird theme going on in one corner of my craft room so I decided on making some birds! This is the first one so far. I used paper, string and fabric. Then I added some paint on top. I finished it with some little marker details and water soluble chalk for some shading. I really wanted this to feel chunky and have lots of texture. I think I could have gone a bit more with the texture and maybe even added some modeling paste. I'm excited to create another one!

Something that is very challenging for me is sitting with my art work. I know that sounds kinda funny, but when I create I'm very reactionary. I slap things down real quick then think what could make this better. With these mixed media art works I wanted to take each step slowly. I wanted to add a bit then sit back and re-evaluate my next move. I wanted to be more aware of my steps and make sure I was taking each with intention. Oh boy was it HARD. In a way it being hard was a good sign. It was a sign that I was actually learning and practicing more mindfulness. Now not every evening working on it was a success and I back tracked a lot. It was such good practice for me, despite being difficult!


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