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New Tattoo!

A week ago I got the honor to be tattooed by the wonderful Devin (@trashpartytroll) They work out of the cutest little tattoo shop in SLC, Every Body Tattoo! I can't find all the right words to express how amazing this experience is. Getting a tattoo especially as a female in a male dominated field can be quite scary! Every Body does an amazing job at creating a safe and comforting space. I felt like they really knew their practice and everything was so clean and calm.

Ahhh I can't get over how outrageously cute this turned out. It feels so surreal that this is on my body! Every time I look at it I automatically start smiling, I can't help it! Devin did an amazing job. I love that it has their style and they captured all of the cute peachy zine things I could ever dream of! I was nervous at first to get a peachy keen themed tattoo, but after seeing what they drew up it all felt so perfect. I have grown so much this year in my confidence and goals as a little press. This is the perfect treat for myself to remember how amazing share my zines has made me feel when the world was ending.


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