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Newsletter + Backgrounds

I'm a bit behind on posting this but TOMORROW my monthly newsletter goes out! I wanted to share this months free download. After creating my 1971 zine I have been wrapped up in 70s feels, especially floral patterns! I created a couple phone backgrounds filled with 70's vibes. I also created a desktop background with one of my favorite quotes "comparison is the thief of joy." This is a trap that I fall into a lot and wanted a little reminder for myself whenever I sat down on my computer ready to create something! I have also been trying to brush up on my typography skills and found this to be great practice!

There are light and dark versions of both! I know sometimes people like darker backgrounds even though I always lean toward lighter images. These were really fun to create and I hope to create more of them! You can get access to this download by signing up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page. ALSO if you're reading this after the 5th, know that every newsletter comes with access to older freebies as well! So don't feel like you might miss out, you can also check out the other free downloads I've created.


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