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Oh Sailor, Mini Zine!

New mini zine! I originally set out to write a new perzine, but it all felt too heavy so I made an art zine instead. I've been finding little pen and ink illustrations to be so relaxing lately. Something about repetitive little details is a great distraction. Plus the results are always very satisfying.

For this format I printed on a tabloid sized paper, cut it in half and folded it up like a normal one page zine. This size and fold created this great small size with lots of pages. I love playing with new format designs. I'm definitely going to be making more of this size!

When creating this zine I was thinking about my internet friend that is one of my oldest friends! We haven't ever met so my brain just fills in the gaps of what I think they are like. For some reason they are a sailor that wears cozy sweaters, drinks tea and reads too many books. I'm not sure if any of that is true, but that is the kind of weathered, warm feeling I always get from them!

As always if you're interested in a copy you can email me! I'm always up for trades also.


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