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Oh So Thankful!

I always feel a bit weird about thanksgiving. I think growing up I only liked it cause you get half a week off of school. THEN I liked it cause I got half a week off of work. Now it feels like more of a bother than anything else. Yes, it is a great excuse to gather with family and find things to be grateful about. I also believe we can do this on any day. Why do we need an excuse to gather with family and share a meal? Instead it all just feels oddly stressful. I hate to be the one to say it, but I don't even like thanksgiving food all that much. BUT with all my complaints aside, I get it. Being full of THANKS is a good thing.

Holiday season this year looks a bit different because of the virus lurking within our communities, still attacking the most vulnerable. Oh how I wish that was a metaphor, but alas it is the world we are living in. I feel like it is very easy to be sad about the STATE of things, but instead I choose to be hopeful. I choose to stay home and celebrate from a distance. I do this for them and for me and for the communities I am a part of. I am choosing to create a new tradition and a new ritual to celebrate the season. Global events have always changed the way we do things. I believe within that CHANGE we can create something beautiful, just like the beauty in traditions we have now. So do not waste time dwelling on what was, instead leap into a hopefulness of what it COULD be. Stay safe my friends, be mindful and wash those hands.


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