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Out Going Mail!

I sent so much mail in January!! It honestly was so much fun to put little artsy bits together. I made some scrap paper mail art and LOVED they way it turned out. It was less work than I thought it would be. I suppose it would be easier just to send plain mail, but artful mail is so much more fun! I also made some little peach stickers to go out with all my mail. We're finally getting a hang of the dang cricut machine. I was pretty helpless with it, but Zoei seems to be figuring it all out. I mean how cute is this peach??

I start to think how long I've been writing letters, sending mail art and it makes my heart all fuzzy. I really love making little mail and sending it off to have a journey of its own. Sometimes I get nervous and don't want to part with my creation, but I know it has a bigger purpose than sitting in a stack on my desk! I'm comforted by the fact that my mail goes to people who will love it as much as I do!


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