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Paint Pens + Typography

Typography and graphic design has been on my mind lately. I always like to bounce around and try new things while keeping with my usual style. These practices have been really wonderful in helping me clear my head before starting on zines and other projects.

The other day I had a moment when I sent a message to someone I have a crush on and then immediately IMMEDIATELY regretted it. My first reaction is to always delete the message chain. Which is really silly because I know it still sent! But I still hold onto to a little bit of hope that deleting from one end will delete it on the other. With all my dorky tendencies you think i'd be use to making myself look silly by now, but nope. I know this is going to happen again and maybe making yourself look goofy is just part of life! I can only wish one day that I become comfortable with my dorkiness!

I created this using some new paint markers from Archer and Olive. I've had my eye on these for a while because the color combos are just so great! So far I love the colors and the flow is good too. But after using them I realized that maybe I'm just not a paint marker kinda gal? The tips are always a bit scratchy and clunky. These pens do come with a mixing palette on the case to blend colors or to use a tiny paint brush. The case is a bit clunky and doesn't fit on my desk nicely, but these are just tiny things I can over look. I also used a Pilot Multi-ball pen to outline the entire thing after I was finished. I did this mostly to clean up all my messy paint lines! I really like this style and think I'll stick with it for a bit longer.


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