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Peachtober Round 2!

Phew I can't believe this month is already half way finished! I've been a little lax about keeping up on my drawings. These doodles have been really great to get me started into my other projects! I usually work in my art journal as a way to warm up, so I'm getting behind on that. One day I'll learn how to organize myself so that I'm more efficient with my creative energy.

There is something so freeing about messy coloring with pencils and not worrying about erasing or planning. I've just been going with the first thing that pops into my head! I did cheat a little bit with the horn one because I could not remember how a trumpet worked. I think I still got it wrong even after looking at a reference photo. Some of these characters I've created will definitely be reworked in the future into better designs or maybe zines!

This prompt list by Fury Little Peach has been so great! I know as time keeps ticking on by I'm going to get behind. I might have to catch up but thats ok. If you're like me and have a hard time keeping to things, don't worry we're already half way there! WAY TO GO! ALSO if you need a break, take one! No one cares. Don't let guilt leak into your creative space!


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