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Song and Doodle #82

Today's song and doodle is my current favorite feel good song Bend Like The Willow by Nahko and Medicine for the People. They have a new album released his year called Take the Power Back, which is incredibly wonderful. This is my favorite new track, but really the album is best when listened too as a whole. Nahko is an excellent story teller! All of their songs and albums tell stories of people and struggles. I believe song writing and story telling is the way to connect us all and a way for us to find more empathy for others. For me this song is about using your stories of pain and struggle to relate others and find healing for yourself in doing so. I also love any song that can encourages you to be (act) more genuine. This song is so happy and fills me with hope and calls me to action, I just love it!

"You are braver than your deepest fear. You are wise beyond your years. Bend like the willow cast your love over me"


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