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Song and Doodle #85

Todays song and doodle is a bit of an older song. Lately I have been fawning over the album Bless This Mess by Lisa Mitchell. I mean how fitting is that album title for this year? This album came out in 2012 and has so many gems on it! My favorite song is The Story of the Raven and the Mushroom Man. This song paints such vivid images. I couldn't help but draw some cute mushroom people! This song covers all the sad, hopeful and happy feelings. This album as a whole makes me feel happy and full. It also makes me feel sorrowful and hopeful. She has such a dreamy voice and wraps lyrics around memorable melodies. I forgot how much I love this album and I'm so happy to be revisiting it lately.

"The mushroom man loved the raven so, and deep inside his heart grew a thing called hope

One Sunday night the raven was weak, he didn't wake up and the mushroom man weeped"


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