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Spooky Fortune Teller!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

For October's newsletter download I made a spooky themed fortune teller! Although honestly the responses you get will probably disappoint you, as most oracles do! This was really fun to make. I tried to make the images spooky, but they came out cute anyways. Sometimes that just happens ya know? But maybe something spooky wouldn't have matched very well anyways. In grade school we use to call these cootie catchers. I think it was suppose to tell you who you were going to marry or something strange like that. I made this one a fortune teller cause it felt more on brand for October!

If you'd like a free copy of this printable you can sign up for my monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page! I'm hoping in the future to make more of these! Maybe a brain storming one or a journaling prompt idea one? They are so fun and nostalgic! Below you'll find a video on how to fold it up!


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