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Starless Sea Banner!

Some exciting news! We finally got a Cricut Maker! Of course the first thing I wanted to cut was a ton of delicate little bees. I had some really cool shiny gold paper perfect for lacy bees. Between bees and gold I knew I had to make a banner off of the book The Starless Sea. I wrote a post about that book HERE. Gold, bees and honey are all touchstones and themes in the book. This book filled with great one line quotes and my favorite is "to seeking" and "to finding" as a way of toasting and parting each other. Both of these words can apply to so many things, like how a bunch of book themes do as well. I know its kinda dorky but I love it! I am in love with this idea of stringing up little words, quotes and phrase to drape around my creative spaces!

I still have a TON to learn about the Cricut Maker. Honestly it is a bit overwhelming. It feels a lot like learning a new skill. I keep having to remind myself that I'm learning something new so its going to FEEL like you're learning something new. I'm hoping to create other cool cut out projects! Between vinyl, iron on, print to cut and SO MUCH MORE you can do with the machine its all very overwhelming. I'll be sure to share my creations on here as I go! If you have any tip and tricks or recommendations please send them my way!


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