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Summer Vibes Playlist!

This months newsletter included a playlist! This playlist was formed around the idea of nostalgic summer tunes. You know the songs that remind you of hot cars, boob sweat and mosquito bites. Well in my case it reminded me mostly of being off of school for the summer! I reached out to all my followers and friends for the songs that gave them the summer feels. I ended up with a very eclectic playlist. The first 20 songs are my summer jams. These are mostly songs from 2005-2009 which were my high school days. Not that I'm super fond of them but get the nostalgic vibe all the same. The last 20 are the submitted songs! What I loved most about asking people for nostalgic tunes were the stories that came with them. Reading other peoples stories and hearing the tunes they suggested reminded me how powerful music can be! Music has a way to tracing through our memories and tying everything together. It is overwhelmingly beautiful.

If you have song you'd like to add leave a comment and i'll add it! You can find the Spotify link HERE and the Apply link THERE!


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