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The Nitty Gritty!

I have some exciting news! I started a patreon. I created a new zine specifically for this and you can only get it by subscribing. The new zine series I have created is called The Nitty Gritty. It is a mix between and perzine and art zine. The first theme I choose was "something new" which if fitting for a new series and new year. I shared some thoughts, personal stories and of course some illustrations!

My long term plan is to hopefully get enough subscribers that I can then pay other creators for their art and personal stories. One of my dreams is to be able to pay for contributions! I'm off to a slow start and have a long ways to go, so until then I'll just rope my sisters into creating with me to make this zine a little bit more collaborative! I'm testing out so many things with the zine series it makes me very excited to get creating and sharing!

You can sign up by going HERE!


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