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Tiny Sculpture Project!

Last week I was feeling a bit anxious to I decided to start a mini project to distract myself! I was so pleased with how they turned out. These were suppose to be little brush holders, but only the worm turned out balanced enough to support the brush. I used paper clay and I think once it dried it wasn't heavy enough to keep from tipping. I'm going to try the next round of tacos using fimo clay that is a bit heavier. Even though they didn't fulfill their purpose I still adore the way the look!

Sculpting is my weakest art skill. I know i'm not good at it so I force myself to practice it from time to time, even though I get frustrated. I feel a bit silly because my dad is a ceramics artist and I grew up playing in clay and sculpting, but I'm not good at it! I feel like I should be better! I hope that if I keep practicing I'll keep getting better. I'm excited to make some more tiny cute sculptures!


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