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You Should Probably Start Art Journaling.

If you're on my monthly email newsletter you've probably already heard me rant about this. I felt the need to re-share on my blog regardless! Lately art journals have been ON MY MIND. After last months little zine about journaling and zines I still can't get over how wonderful art journaling has been for me. Below is a photo of all my journals from when I started to now! During this year having a little place that I could document all my thoughts and feelings made it all a lot easier to process.

After reading though some of my old journals its great to see how much I have grown even though it hasn't been that long. Not just the way I handle life challenges has changed but also my art style! It is an art journal after all. I have grown a lot and learned so many tips and tricks to get the results I want (watching a ton of Youtube videos probably helped also!) I always feel like such a dork when trying to convince people to pick up art journaling so I'm not going to be too pushy about it, but if you're been thinkin' about it. DO IT. Grab that blank journal and messy it up a bit!

What are your thoughts? Are you a journal keeper? If you'd like to read more rants and thoughts you can sign up for my monthly email newsletter at the bottom of the page!


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