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Zine Submission: Cute and Ghostly

I recently painted this little gouache ghost for a zine submission. So many people are compiling spooky themed zines this year! I tried to do something spooky but it didn't turn out. I'm just not a spooky kinda person ya know? Everything I create ends up cute in some way. I do like how cute this lil' piece is though! I've been using my ipad lately to create color books and then using them when working with gouache. I think its been paying off! I made this thinking about how different Halloween is going to be this year. Something familiar and old but also new and different. In a way it is exciting to be able to carve out new traditions. Hopefully including more cozy at home activities. I suspect the rest of the years holidays are going to be similar. Something about getting to create new is fascinating and intriguing to me! I have to admit I'm looking forward to the holidays this year and all the potential for something different it holds.


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