I'm Remi, the main creator behind
Peachy Keen Press!

Peachy Keen Press started when I signed up for my very first zine festival! When filling out my sign up form there was a spot for a table name if you didn't want to use your own name. At that point I did not have confidence in anything I was creating and hiding behind a name sounded wonderful! I already had my blog, A Peachy Keen Day, so adding press seemed fitting. My first experience tabling was AH-mazing! (Shout out to GRID ZINE FEST!) Ever since I've had wild ideas of what Peachy Keen Press could be. Eventually I would love to make a monthly zine publication, filled with stories, art and highlighting other creators. The dream goal is to be able to pay creators for contributions. There are so many directions I could go with this little nugget of an idea! For now I'm weeding though the bad ideas and testing the good ones. 

If you're looking to see more of my work you can take a peek at my portfolio! You can also use the form below for any other questions and inquiries

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