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July Art Journal

My journal for the month of July! I made this journal by stapling some scraps of paper together. I really enjoy the way it turned out! I have been getting a lot of really nice mail lately so I have lots of nice little scrappies to add in. Also this size has been perfect for the summer. It is quick to do a page but I still have plenty of room to doodle and add collage bits. I also made my own journaling cards which made this journal extra special!

More and more I am reminded why I love to journal so much. When times get frustrating or scary or even when I feel creatively stuck having a journal is so wonderful. I am rarely consistent with things, but it is so easy for me to incorporate journaling into my art practice. I keep waiting for the day that it feels like a chore, but we're going on six years now and it has yet to become tasking.


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