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October Art Journal!

I got a little bit behind on finishing up last months journal. This is mostly because I was being a little too fiddly with it. BUT I ended up creating some of my favorite spreads! October's journal has a lot more collage bits than I usually use. My spooky season stash of collage material is pretty large so I have to try and use as much as I can. I also used a bright purple water color tube I have. Purple always feels like a Halloween color to me!

I changed how I normally compile my journal pages for the sake of the peachy keen club group. I wanted to have more completed pages to share. So this journal I created page at a time instead of gradually in layers in no order, working through out the whole book. It was nice to change it up a little bit! I tend to get into a real creative funk once the weathers starts to get chilly and the holidays roll in. I'm doing my best to curb that tendency to stay in bed all day. I have some creative plans in place, lets hope they work!

As always I'm sure the last two months of the year are going to fly by. This year has been so different, I doubt the holidays would be an exception. Even though newness can be challenging I think making due with what we have causes more creativity to come about. I'm looking forward to new traditions being created!


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