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Be Safe! Zine Submission

Our local Zine Fest, Grid Zine was having an open submission for their zine. The theme is community! I knew I wanted to submit something but am having a hard time wrapping my mind around what community means to me. I'm such a distant person to begin with my circle of community is very small and got even smaller once I increased my stay home time (which was already a lot!) Then I thought I was being a bit too narrow minded about what community can mean. As I stared to unravel what ALL of this means I was getting overwhelmingly anxious. I realized I just wanted people to be safe and mindful in whatever ways that means to them. I want people to think outside of themselves for a moment and think about the most vulnerable in our community. So in the end I came up with this weepy lady who is overwhelmed by the amount of suffering weaving in and out of all communities. Here is your reminder to think beyond your bubble, lead with mindfulness and to BE SAFE.


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