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Incoming Mail!

I did some recent zine trades these past couple weeks! I am so over the moon excited about these trades. I got really spoiled by these two wonderful artists! I have been trading a lot lately and my little collection has had some amazing growth this year.

The first batch is from Weirdo Brigade! They send me a whole range of sizes. The tiniest one of positive affirmations was my favorite. I'm a sucker for tiny zines AND believe in the power of words. How we talk to others and ourselves is SO important! Their zines are in a very traditional zine style but once you get reading have so much personality. I can really hear her voice when reading their zines. For me that is always the sign of a great writer!

The second batch is Gina McMillen. She is a wonderful illustrator that I admire. She sent me a batch of mini zines. I am so in love with the one page mini zine. She has such a great style and her illustrations have so much character and emotion. My favorite out of the bundle was one that you can fill out yourself! I'm in love with this diy culture of zines making diy zines! Something about the full circle is very satisfying!

Be sure to check these wonderful artists out! If you ever want to trade zines, reach out and lets DO IT!


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