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Lovely Little Doodles!

I've been doing a lot of little gouache paint practice. I start with a quick sketch then plop some gouache on top and finish it off with some colored pencil. This has been a great way to get ideas down and see if they are any good. Here are three doodles that I think turned out well and could use a little rework. Or maybe these illustrations will pop up in another zine!

This softness illustration is definitely one of my favorites! I'm going to be turning this one into a tee shirt or sticker. Or maybe both!

This one is a bit creepy! I think if it rework it I'll make it more soft and cute! Although I do like this idea of creepy unusual things eating tacos.

Lastly I've been bingeing season two of Hilda pretty hard lately. Its just so good, cute and happy! Its easily one of my go to shows. I love the colors and music! This is one of my favorite scenes from season one with a little bit of a color swap. This has made me want to do some more fanart!


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