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My Amabie!

One of my favorite podcasts 99% Invisible had a great episode about Yokai! You can find it HERE. I highly recommend it! After listening to that episode I had to try my hand at drawing Amabie. Amabie is a Yokai that could help rid diseases and plague. Myths say it can also be a charm to ward away sickness. With the state of the world I think we can use all the help we can get. Even it is it myths and legends like the yokai. This was a really fun little watercolor to do. Watercolor isn't my strongest skill so I force myself to practice it regularly. I also outlined this watercolor with some colored pencil. One day i'll learn how to outline in watercolor!

I think I'm going to workshop this and sketch it out some more. I thought this would make a cute stationery page to write letters on. My pen pals would appreciate a little charm to help them not get sick! Ok yes I know that it is just a myth, but I L O V E stories like these. At the very least they would know that I was wishing them good health. Which seems important in times like these! So what do you think about the yokai?


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