• Remi Germaine

Mystery Animal Cracker

I was munching on animal crackers and frosting the other day and I came across this creature. It kind of resembles a vague shape of an animal, but I couldn't figure out which one. At first I thought it was just a defected one but then I found multiple like it. Which tells me its designed to look like this!

So obviously I took to instagram to get other people opinions. Although no firm conclusions were made I got back some really great answers. They were so good I decided to draw them with the ipad. This project was more fun and entertaining than I thought it would be. Here are my favorites!

First, a cat hold a cup of coffee. Second, a thing called Shakurel Planet. I had never heard of it before but cracked up when I looked it up! I still can't tell if its cute or creepy?

Third, an octopus. This one was stretching it but got points for being super creative. Fourth, a gorilla holding a banana. Also I discovered that drawing gorilla hands are equally as tricky as human hands. Both of which I do not enjoy drawing!

Anyways, we might not ever know what the creature really is but these are some good options! Stay creative and find the funny in everyday!