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This year instead of doing inktober I decided to do Peachtober! I fell in love with this prompt list because it was filled with cuteness. I set a couple of rules for myself this year to make sure that I keep on task and am not putting too much time into it. I have so many other projects I'm working on but I still wanted to participate. Rule one is to not sketch just plop some colored pencil onto the page. Rule two is to not spend more than 10 minutes on a drawing. So far its working out really well. There are some that I'm not happy with and would like to redraw, but I have just enough pages in the notebook that I stitched together that there is no room for re-dos! This is just another way to keep me on task. As I've been drawing I'm falling in love with the quick scrappy feel of these doodles. Here are the first 4 days!

I've been batch posting on instagram because I have other work that I've been sharing and don't want these scrappy lil' doodles to take over for the month of October. People have been making so many wonderful art things for this month. It is so inspiring!


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