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Peachtober Round 3!

Eek these little doodles have been so much fun! I'm usually nervous when it comes to these types of challenge things, but this list compiled by furry little peach has been AWESOME! Although I have a feeling all the real tough ones are left for the end of the month. I'll just have to think a little bit more!

I have been scanning and editing these drawings a little bit. I'm mostly just removing the backgrounds and adding some matching colors. I think it makes a fun sticker feel to the drawings that I'm really enjoying. Even if it is a little bit of extra work. I think the editing practice is good for me!

I think even after this challenge it over I'm still going to keep a note book just for quick, cute, fun doodles. Maybe even create a little word cloud to pull from. I haven't quite thought it all the way though but this practice has been so amazing for me this month. Its something I should definitely keep doing.


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