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Pen & Ink Practice

Phew! This month so far has been filled with so many anxious hours. I find when my anxiety is high its a bit hard to sit and focus on projects. Things are slowly starting to stack up but I'm finally getting to tackling some of the fun projects this weekend! In between being anxious I started doing a few small pen and ink doodles. I was given a Uni-ball Signo DX pen by someone who bought it but didn't like it. I'm a sucker for a black pen so of course I took it! Its been my go to pen for these past couple weeks. It is super fun to draw with but maybe not my new favorite. I enjoy super fine pens to do detail work and this is perfect for it but I found myself wanting something more leaky for heavy line work.

There is something important about incorporating a little acts of art though out the day. My mind wasn't in a state to dive into projects, but something about doodling on little scraps of paper satisfied the same need. Once you start looking for little art moments in the busyness of the world you'll realize that maybe there is space for art in chaotic times. I'm hoping for more balance next month, but for now these pen and ink illustrations will do!


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