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Song and Doodle #85

Lately I have been diving head first into the cozy fall tunes. Starting with one of my favorite Mason Jennings. His discography is so expansive it makes for a nice go to for working on projects. My current favorite album is Song From When We Met. It is filled with heartbreaking gems! The song Race You To The Light is so sweet, I love it! I had some troubles picking out lyrics from this song which is why my doodle is a bit of a mess. Sometimes you just gotta go with what comes out first ya know? When I do quick doodles like this I don't like to dwell on them for too long. I save that kind of obsessiveness for other projects! Mason Jennings has been one of my favorites since high school. The way he sculpts lyrics and his unique voice always seems to catch my attention. I always know what to expect from a Mason Jennings song. That expectation is a warm nostalgic blanket that wraps its self in my swimming thoughts and feels like a warm hug in the cool autumn breeze. This is music that I'm so thankful for. I hope you have tunes that have a special spot in your life and memories.

"cause you look inside my pain, and you cup it with your hands

and you call it by its name, then you bury it between us

in the dirt beneath our feet, and we grow from it together

like a weeping willow tree"


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