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A while ago we got a Circut Maker! This weekend I finally figured out how to print and cut. Which means I got to make stickers! I have been wanting to give these a go for a while and finally made time for it. I made these off of some iPad drawings I did. We had a bit of trouble getting the darn thing matched up and honestly it still gets misaligned and I'm not sure why? I'm not perfect at it yet, but making these has been frustratingly fun! I did these little drawing to go with a art journal project I have been working on for a while. I'm still ironing out the details, but this month is the month I get it done!

Anyways, I created a new sheet of journaling sticker designs that I'm going to try and test this next week. These ones I did a bit differently so I'll be sure to share which method has worked best for me. Whenever I look it up it seems like there is a couple of different ways to do them! Wish me luck!


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