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Mauve Mini Zine

I made another mini zine! This one is a perzine I made after feeling nostalgic and thinking about my grandma. I've been thinking a lot about the women in my life and how much each of them have influenced the person I am today. Some in good ways and some in bad. I feel like we don't think enough about how insecurities accidentally get passed down from generation to generation, especially from women to women.

I suppose I'm making this perzine sound like a sad one but it isn't! It is filled with silly memories of my grandma who I have been missing lately. Its strange when you have a grandparent that lived so far away my whole life. It sneaks up on you that you that they've passed. Grief seems to be on slow release. In a way that has helped me dig around for memories and let my self remember her as much as I can. Making this zine definitely helped.

As always let me know if you'd like some zines, or want to trade!


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