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1971 Zine + Playlist!

My zine for the month of August is called 1971! A couple years ago my sister and I did some researched to find what we considered the best year of music. After much research I landed on the year 1971. There is something about how 70s music sounds that has leached into all my favorite tunes! I think we all have music styles that we are drawn too. I listened to a lot of Carole King and Joni Mitchell when I was a teenager. Making that playlist was so fun and challenging. Since then my 1971 playlist has kept growing so I decided to make a zine about my love of this years music releases!

I drew all of my favorite album covers and added my favorite songs and lyrics to each page. I really enjoy how this turned out. I wanted a lot of 70's floral vibes, but with a bit of a modern-ness tossed in! I think I found a good balance. This zine looks like how 70s music feels to me. (If that makes any sense!) I made a simplified version of my 1971 playlist and you can find it below! What do you think? Have you heard any of these songs? What would you consider to be the best year in music?


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