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Cryptids Are My Friends- Zine!

This months zine is an art zine featuring all my favorite cryptids! I had a lot of fun making this one. Looking up all the different cryptids, myths and legends was so interesting! Its so fun to see all the different stories from different cultures. For these illustrations I did some pen and ink drawings then added a little bit of grey and red watercolor. I think it had a nice cute and creepy balance. I made a little flip through below!

I feel like I have been making too many art zines so next months will probably be a more wordy one. I'm not ultra confident in my writing skills but thats the cool thing about zines, they don't have to be perfect! I'm trying to have a lot of mindfulness and plan out some things for next year, but it still feels like its far away. Although I'm sure it'll sneak up on me!


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