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Hirsutism Zine!

Keeping up with my goal to make a new zine every month, the zine for the month of May was all about my struggles with Hirsutism! This is a zine that I have struggled for years to write. These past couple months I've had a lot of time to sit with my feelings and process a lot so it felt like the right time to create this zine. When I wrote this my purpose wasn't to educate people on this condition that affects lots of women, my goal was to share my story. I hope that within sharing my story it can help others find courage to share their hard stories. There is something magical and terrifying about writing your story down. It happens to breath new life into the emotions that it holds. Now that it is completed I'm finding myself sitting with a lot more closure then I thought I would. Honestly I feel so proud of myself. Letting this secret that I've been holding on to for ages float into the world is scary but also a huge weight off of my mind and heart. It helped me grow and become more confident. That is the power that zines hold!

As always if you're interested in a copy of this zine you can email


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