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Home Zine

New zine! This months zine is called Home. I was thinking the other day about how important creating a creative space has been for me. Especially as an introvert riddled with social anxiety and calming quite place is a must! I decided to make a zine celebrating and remembering all those spaces. This illustration style and color palettes were way outside of my comfort zone. I struggled and back tracked a little bit but in the end landed on something I'm pretty proud of. I was definitely channeling my inner Matisse!

With the current state of the world I am really lucky that I don't have to struggle with housing security. When I think about it I know that it is something that i'll never have to struggle with thanks to my safety net of family. I realize having that is a great privilege of mine that I am forever thankful for. I think its important to remind myself frequently of all the privileges I get to have. My hope is that these reminders will help me be more empathetic, humble and compassionate.

This zine is a one page folded zine, but printed on a tabloid sized paper. I'm finally putting that large format printer to use! Tucked on the inside/ backside is a tiny map of the neighborhood I grew up in! I ended up falling in love with this nostalgic creation after only halfheartedly being committed to the concept. Funny how that works!


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