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Incoming Mail!

I have had another batch of great incoming mail these past couple weeks! I'm still doing lots of zine and art trades. I also bought a couple zines and signed up for a poetry subscription. Seems like these days there are so many wonderful creatives making great work! I'm sure they have always been there, but now I'm looking for them and am overwhelmed by the beauty to be found. Creativity is such a precious part of the human existence.

FIRST: I bought these two note cards and a poetry subscription by Typewriter Poetry. I have been a huge fan of theirs for many years. She is so inspiring and her poems are always so vivid and beautiful. My favorite poems are those that send illustrations and imagery swimming though my thoughts. She has an Etsy store HERE and you can get the poem subscription THERE! SECOND: I got these two little zines in a trade. These are made by Alice, you can find their Instagram HERE! They make really cute and funny zines. They also made me my very own zine about my name. Its so clever and lovely and one of my favorites in my collection.

THREE: A zine about mermaids! This is made by Brianna and you can find her Instagram HERE! I love how bright and clever this zine is. It has a really cool fold out bit that I love. FOUR: An art zine by Dolly Gosh Art, you can find their Instagram HERE! This is a zine compiled of all their inktober drawings. They make great illustrations and this zine is printed really nicely. I'm super happy that I got to add this to my zine collection. FIVE: Last but not least these two really sweet zines I bought as part of a fundraiser by Kwray. It also came with a really cool horse print! One is a photo zine and the other a collection of short writings. Both are extremely beautiful and moving. The zine Music Education I highly recommend! You can peep them HERE!

I'm still doing lots of zine and art trades, if you're interested you can email me at


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