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New Zine: Skinny Legs!

This months zine is a cute little black and white art zine celebrating one of my favorite songs, Skinny Legs by Lyle Lovett. I had this idea to do a series of zines based on songs. So far this is the first one. I enjoyed how it turned out. These illustrations make me so happy! I snagged a few of my favorite lines from the song. The less than ideal part of this zine is it doesn't make much sense if you don't know the song. I tried to tie a bit of narrative in with the illustrations. I think I could do a better job at making it more seamless though. BUT I learned a lot with this style of zine so the next one should be better!

Growing up we listened to Lyle Lovett often. He has a way of winding clever lyrics together that is so inviting and catching all while being surprisingly deep. This is one of those songs that wraps me up in rays of sunshine and gives me all the nostalgic feels. Its also one that has grown with me and has taken many meanings as I've gotten older and had more experiences. Its just a great song. This zine was so much fun to make.

As always if you'd like to trade zines reach out! You can email OR go to the contact page and fill out the form!


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