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The Love of Zines and Journaling

Phew, this last month has been the month of regaining some balance! I failed to remember that working is actually kinda exhausting. BUT I managed to squeeze in most of the projects I had on the docket for last month! One of them being a new zine! For Junes zine I made a tiny ode to my love of zines and journaling. Lately I've been realizing how correlated they are. They are both different but fill a special little hole in my soul with so much goodness. After making this I really hope to encourage people who art journal to start making zines, and zinesters to start journaling!

They are so similar in the way that they are an outlet for expressing and processing life and emotions. They are both so very personal and there is no wrong way to journal or make zines. It is all so very magical and my chest feels so full when I try to express how freeing and uplifting both of these hobbies have been for me! Below you can see a little flip though of this little babe!

As always reach out if you'd like to trade zines or art! My email is


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